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Greetings, I am Graham Seward. A Bristol based web developer and editor, I have worked on a variety of web based projects for the Video Games Industry, in Film Production, as well as a range of local businesses.

I am a full stack developer experienced in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, classic ASP & SQL coding languages. Along with Web Design, Content Management, Server Administration & Data Warehousing I also love to edit audio, images and especially video, optimised for the web.

Past, Present and Future

With over 18 years worth of experience behind me, there are plenty of examples in my Portfolio demonstrating what I can do for you. Exhibiting everything I've ever worked on technically and creatively.

In my Portfolio you can read general overviews or view detailed breakdowns of each project such as entire website builds like Kernow Window Cleaning or even editing and visual specialities from FastFeet's Mix.

Available to Hire

Need to review my credentials?
I have plenty on offer and they are best viewed over at Linkedin, where you can browse through my experience such as my job history, skills, projects as well as education and awards.

It's always up to date and contains the vital information you employers will be looking for - plus you can network with me too why not? If you need more detail my Portfolio goes in-depth and if you're interested in getting started you can browse through my selection of Services.

Service Starts Here

Come and say hello, I always like to hear from people and the projects they are working on. Whatever you need whether it's a few fixes, a complete build or have a new role entirely contact me for an initial discussion.

The best way to do this would be to have a read of the Services I offer and then give me a call on 07729 101371. If you have a lot to share then please e-mail me details using my contact form, alternatively connect with me on Linkedin to see all of my contact details there too.